Frequently Asked Questions.

OAT is pretty straightforward to use, whether you are a student (accessing and reading your feedback) a ‘Superuser’ such as a Course Leader or Lead Administrator (with enhanced rights), or an Assessor (writing and saving assessment feedback).

If you are a ‘Superuser’ or ‘Assessor’ please make sure you look at the online guides on the welcome page of this blog.  These are designed as presentations which individuals can access or use – and which can also be used in briefing / training sessions colleges may run with their staff from time to time. Users tell us that they find these very useful – they contain screengrabs of OAT in action with straightforward guidance.

For All Users

Q:  How do I access OAT?

A:  Click on the ‘Assessment Feedback Link’ at the top of Moodle (to the right of ‘Timetable’).

For Assessors

Q:  Why can I not see the courses / assessments in OAT for assessments I am marking now?

A:  Your course ‘Superusers’ will need to add you – please contact them.

Q:  When editing, what is the difference between ‘draft’ and ‘completed’?

A:  Mark your feedback as ‘draft’ when you know it is incomplete and you need to go back to complete it;  mark it as ‘completed’ when you have finished.  Please note a ‘draft’ instance of feedback cannot be published, whereas a ‘completed’ instance of feedback can be published (but it can be edited right up to the point of releasing to students).

For Superusers

Q:  I’ve added someone as an ‘Assessor’ to a course in OAT but they cannot see the assessment in the list of what is available to them.

A:  If someone is an ‘Assessor’ you need to add them to the course in OAT and to the assessments for which they have to provide feedback.

Q:  How can we record working copies of ‘second’ marker feedback in OAT?

A:  Use the ‘Add Custom Assessment’ button to create additional forms (screengrabs of this are in the ‘Superuser Guide’).

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